Mixing map types

I was wondering if it was possible to mix hexagonal and orthogonal tiles in the same project. I mean, not the same map file but a least I would like to see the two map files together, that way I could mix both styles.

Thank you!

Hmm it seems I was able to do just that using a world and overlapping it.
The only issue I found was that the current map will always be on top. It could be great to choose the zorder of the maps.


Hey @Danilo_Ganzella! Yes, you could use a world to combine multiple maps, but the issues you ran into would indeed be both nice to solve. I would like to make it possible to include tile layers with different orientations (or tile sizes) within the same map (issue #149, old but I’d still like to get around to it), and it would also be nice to be able to control the order of the maps in a world (related to #3088).

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