World does not seem to support more than one map having the same position

Hi, in my project I often have two maps share an origin point in the world. Their tiles never actually overlap one another. I tried to load these maps into a World in the same position, where they should be, and the second one to be added seems to be absent in Tiled. Is this a supported use of the World feature? Can this functionality be added in the future?

For example, rooms A and B are laid out such that they share their to-left origin point, both in Tiled and in game:



I don’t think Tiled even checks for overlapping maps, it just naively draws each one wherever it is.
Are you sure map B isn’t just overlapping map A? The maps are drawn in the same order they are in the file, I believe, so it’s common for maps to be z-ordered in the wrong way, since there’s no explicit z-ordering. If you list map A after map B in the world file, it should get rendered on top, I think. Not sure if there’s any way to control this if you’re using regex.

Edit: Just noticed you said their tiles don’t overlap, i.e. presumably B has a transparent spot where A is… could something else be in the way? Did you position the maps manually with the World Tool, manually by editing the world file, or via regex?

You’re right, it was my regex that was wrong. I fixed it and all overlapping maps now appear on top of each other as expected. Thank you!