Moving Directories

So I’ve been working on my first project, which I have saved on my desktop. I wanted to place it in a more permanent location, but when I moved the folder, I have to relocate all of my tilesets, which is pretty tedious. is there a good way to move my project without losing the link to all of the files

To avoid needing to relocate files, it is important that the whole collection of files stays coherent relative to each other. A map refers to its tilesets using a relative path when possible (and essentially the only case when this is not possible, is when they are on different drives on Windows). So if you move the collective parent folder, the file references should stay valid.

If you want to reorganize files in such a way that a large amount of relative file references are invalidated, it can be more efficient to fix up those references in a text editor instead of clicking around in the Tiled UI.

Although, if all your tilesets are in the same location, you can also multi-select them in the list that popped up showing the broken references, and then select their folder. Then Tiled will search this folder in an attempt to fix all selected references.