Change tiled folder path

Hi guys,
I’ve just created my first map in tiled. I tried open it with Unity but it doesn’t work. I looked on internet and I discovered that i dont have the right path ( C:\Users…). I tried to open from unity an external folder where i have my tiled project but i haven’t found a solution. I tried to export my tiled project to unity assets but I have the same result. Here is my question:
•I have my png on C:\Users\Desktop\Images
•I have my tile project with tsk and tmx on D:\Tiled Projects
•I have my Unity on D:/Unity
Is there a way to move my entire tiled project to D:\Unity without receiving any errors?

P.S. I tried with copy and paste but it doesn’t work
Thank you!

You’d need to copy/move all the relevant files to the Unity folder and then also modify your Tiled files (maps and tilesets) to use the new paths (you can use any text editor to do this, ctrl+F for the old paths).


Just note that it is also possible to copy over the images and then adjust the path through the Tileset Properties:

However, using a text editor like @eishiya suggested is often easier, especially since you can then use search & replace to adjust many paths.

Also, I’m afraid there is probably no way in Tiled to adjust the path of an external tileset currently, if you need to do that.


Thank you!