Multi tile object or changing more than one tile at the same time? And how to link a tile type to a script? (Unity)

I have a door prefab for my game that has a normal collider when closed and changes its sprite and collider when opened.
If I want to use it on Tiled, the door is made of 6 different tiles. Is there any way to link those tiles to the prefab, or can I put the tiles a Type Door or an object for example, and in Unity link those to some scripts??? I want also to link one tile Type (pit) to a script in Unity, so anytime the player touches the pit, it falls and dies.

To make it easier to change the image of the sprite in your game, you’ll probably want to extract this image from your tileset and use it as a separate image instead. Either as part of a tileset with other larger tiles, or as part of an image collection tileset (where tiles can have different sizes).