Connecting a tile to an object (Trigger in gameEngine)

Hi, I’m new to Tiled, and loving it :slight_smile: Got a few levels designed and running in Unity already, but now I need more control.

I need to be able to connect a lever (trigger) to a specific door, as there are multiple levers and doors I can’t use a property on the tile :confused:
Any way to do this. I’m sure I saw an image showing something like it yesterday while trying to find the answer, but can’t find the page today :frowning:

Hope it’s something simple I’m missing. I don’t see any way to do it post Tiled in unity for each level, and having to update again and again with every update to the level.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


Tile objects seem to be what you want. Select a tile and insert it via to
object toolbar. Then you can set properties on it like any other object.



So a visual indication of the connection isn’t a possibility (yet).
I guess it’s the only way to do it for now.
Thanks for the answer. :slight_smile:

Here’s the page you must have seen:

It’s a feature I would like to get around to soon, but I’d like to make a stable Tiled 1.0 release first.

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Thanks for the answers… I got it to work using Objects as suggested and using the name of the objects together with and index to match up objects in my game. So now there are switches that opens doors and connected portals.

@bjorn Thanks for a great product :slight_smile:

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