Multiple tile images on one tile possible?

Hi, first, thanks for this great program. I’m using it to create a game in Unity and it’s working great :slight_smile:
My question: Is it possible to have several tile images on one tile on one layer? When I draw a tile on a layer that already has a tile, the old one gets deleted and the painted added instead.

So what I would like to do is to paint on existing tiles, but instead of deleting the existing one, just add the new on top on the same layer. So I would need less layers. (Maybe with a button pressed while painting?)

Is something like this possible or could be added? Or am I thinking wrong anyway?^^

This is not possible as far as I know. If you are using a 16x16 grid for example, and place a tile somewhere, that grid stores a tile index. And it can onlystore one index. I would just use the extra layer. You could even group them together if you want to keep things organized. Or is there a different reason you want less layers?

Thanks for your answer. I guessed it would work that way, but hoped there would be a solution that I just didn’t know of. Yeah, the reason I wanted fewer layers is because I already have so many, also in groups.

If you got specific combinations where tile X always goes on top of tile Y, you could check out the automapping rules to make life a bit easier.

Essentially I think you’re asking for the ability to place stacks of tiles at some location without having to use additional layers. This is a feature that could be added to Tiled, but it will make a lot of things more complicated and it would result in the allocated memory for tile layers to become more fragmented.

The following issues are somewhat related to this: