How to stamp over other tiles? (newbie)

I’m using tiled to make a decorative map for DND and I can’t figure out how to stamp over other transparent tiles without the ones underneath disappearing. For example: I’m trying to stamp a tree over another tree so it has that eagle-eye view with one tree over the other. However, when I try to paste the tree in the foreground over the one in the back, the bottom half of the tree disappears. As an artist, the only fix I can think of is making layer after layer but that’s just too much. I’m really sorry if this is described so badly as I only ever stay in my zone of art :’)

Each slot in a layer can hold only one tile. If you want overlapping tiles, you’ll need to create more layers. However, you probably won’t need very many layers if you think ahead in how you use them. For example, you’d only need one tile layer for every visual “layer” of trees, as non-overlapping trees at the same distance into the scene can all be on the same layer.

Another possibility is to use Tile Objects instead of tile layers for props such as Trees, as these can be positioned and ordered more freely.

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