Object tiles from more than one tile

Is it possible to create an object tile that is more that one tile image? I often have a 1x2 or 2x1 set of 2 tiles that I’d like to be a single object tile. I’m assuming that isn’t possible due to the .tsx file’s object having a single gid. This would be mightly useful.

You can currently only do this when your tiles are saved as individual images and added as part of a “collection of images” tileset.

Once Tiled would support a texture atlas, or generally differently sized tiles located on a tileset, then you could place such larger objects more conveniently.

Assuming you can mix normal tileset layers and collection of image layers in one map, this might work even better for me.

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In Tiled you don’t even need separate layers for this, you can use all tilesets on any tile layer. Of course depending on the framework you’re using you may run into limitations elsewhere.