Need help with collisions

Hello everyone,
I’m new to tiled, so I need a little bit of help with the collisions.

I put collisions on my tiles with the Tile Collision Editor.
I know, in my program, how to make collisions with an object layer, but not with the tile’s collisions itself.

Is there a way so that I can link my tiles’ collisions with an object layer?

Thanks in advance!!

When you load in your map in your engine, you need to read each tile’s collisions from the tileset and build your collision out of those. The collisions are stored as objects with each tile, so building collision out of them should be just like building it out of objects in an object layer.

Thank you but one problem is that I do not use Engine, I’m still only on Python…

When I say “engine”, I mean in whatever is driving the lower-level parts of your game, like loading maps. So, in this case, I mean in your Python code that deals with loading the maps.

If you’re using an existing parsing library for Tiled maps, there’s a good chance it loads the tile collision data too, and you should be able to use those. Check the library’s documentation to learn how. If it doesn’t parse the tile collision data, then you’ll either need to add that functionality yourself, or not use tile collisions.