New shortcuts in the menu - (Mockups)


Just a few suggestions (mockups).

New shortcuts in the Help menu to access the pages of Tiled project:

New option from the Edit menu:

New options in the View menu, Desktop (Tiled desktop) and status bar:
(click to enlarge)

Many nice suggestions, thanks! The suggestions in the first two screenshots should definitely not be too hard to implement.

I’ve already considered implementing the zoom control in the status bar that way, since it’s more modern (I think some Microsoft Office version introduced this style?). But I just did not get around to that so far.

I’m not sure how useful rulers really are. Do you think many people would benefit from those? Of course, with rulers should probably also come the ability to drag guides into the view and then of course objects should snap to these guides. So all in all this will be a rather big feature to work on.

The “Fit to Screen” (or “Fit to View” as I would call it) action should probably be together with the zoom controls rather than the grid snapping options, right? It should not be too hard to implement either, apart from possibly adding automatic adjustment of the zoom when the window size is changed.

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The idea of the mockup to the status bar came from Paint.NET software, which is opensource. xD

The rest of the ideas came after observing the appearance and the menus of Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe InDesign CS6, CorelDRAW X7, etc …

The icons come from the web, I tried to put those that best matched with the overall layout of Tiled.
I think they were cute! hahahaha