Insert Object tool location?

Hello everybody,

I just started learning Tiled among other game development tools. On a tutorial I was looking through for melonJS it mentioned a “Insert Object tool” that I can’t find anywhere in Tiled. I’ve been looking for any information on where this tool would be or any other methods to do the same thing and I have come up empty.

It looks to me like the button either disappeared before the version I’m using (0.16.1), or I configured something funny that is making the tool not show.

Am I missing something? or is there a download of an earlier version of Tiled that has this tool enabled? Or, possibly the correct question, is there another functionality that is a better practice now?


Well, since some years there are several “insert object” tools, depending on what kind of object you’d like to place. The tutorial is referring to what is now called the “Insert Rectangle” tool.

First, you add an Object Layer. If you select it, the tools for inserting objects become enabled on the Tools toolbar.

Thanks for the reply.

Turns out that my issue may be minor UI changes compounded with my own errors in the code. Your reassurance narrowed down where I looked a lot. So that helped :slight_smile:

Aside from self inflicted hitch ups Tiled looks like a great tool so far.

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