Object layer images don't update automatically

I’m not sure if it’s a bug, so I’m putting it on suggestions:

When I pull an PNG image to the Tileset area, I’m able to use it as an Object in the Object Layer. Works great, except that when I edit my image (in an external image editor), it doesn’t update inside of Tiled - like what happens to the regular tileset images.

It works when I close and re-open tiled, but ideally it would be great if it either auto-updated like the Tileset images, or if there was a button to reload the .png file.


Tile images are automatically updated for regular tilesets, but not for Image Collections, this is a known issue - Tiled doesn’t watch the individual tile images for changes. Tracked at #2810.

Instead of restarting Tiled, you can press Ctrl+T to reload the tilesets for the current map.

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