Updating tiles when the image change and refresh issue

Hello again,
I have a tileset of a collecion of images. I read somewhere in the forum, that if I update any of the images (for instance, I change the color of a tree in Aseprite and save the png image used in the collecion), in theory Tiled caches the update. But this is not working for me. Everytime I change an image I have to close and open tiled again for the update to take effect.

My second question is that I am experimenting some refresh issue. As you can see in the image, when I move around the cursor on a layer.

I can’t reproduce exactly the steps to make it happen. It’s seems to happen randomly.
But I thought mentioning it. I have 5 o 6 layers. It seems to happen in the layer that is more on top.


Tiled automatically reloads tiles in “Based on Tileset Image” tilesets, but not Image Collections. To update an Image Collection, you do not need to restart Tiled, you can press ctrl+T to reload tilesets for the current map.


great. Thx