Object layer in a group with parallax


I have a group layer, which contains a tile layer and an object layer. If I assign parallax to the group (let’s say 0.7 for x and y), this value is correctly applied for the all tile layers inside the group. However, there seems to be a problem for the object layer. If I insert a tile in the object layer (which is inside the group), the tile makes a “jump” and is applied few tiles away (the magnitude of the jump depends on the parallax value assigned to the group).

It seems as the object layer is displaying the tiles for the default parallax (1,1), but when I insert a tile, it jumps to the position based on the parallax value. Is this a known issue, bug or am I doing something wrong?

Kind regards

This is definitely a bug, and I don’t recall seeing an issue about it.

It seems to be limited specifically to Object Layers in Groups, Object Layers with just their own parallax behave correctly, as do Tile Layers in parallaxing groups. Seems like the Object placement tools use the layer parallax instead of the total parallax somewhere.

Good to know! Looking forward for a fixed version. :slight_smile: