Objects are shown at the wrong position in tiled map

I am using objects from an object layer to place images into my game and was wondering why they are placed at a different position in my game window.
I would expect if the top upper corner of an object is 0,0 it is placed in to upper corner of the screen.
If I set an object in tiled to x,y (0,0) it is placed out of the visible screen.
Only if I add the height of the object to the y-Axis, then it is placed at position 0,0.

This means, the bottom left corner of a object is the zero point in Tiled, but the zero point to paint of the sceen is the top left.

Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

You’re being bitten by the inconsistency that rectangle objects have their origin in the top-left, but tile objects have their origin in the bottom-left. I’m sorry about this inconsistency and hope to eventually resolve that, but for backwards compatibility reasons I can’t just change it.

See the following issue on GitHub: