"Object reference not set...."

Greetings guys, I got a huge problem, trying to solve it I am getting crazy and hella mad._.!
Started learning C#, working with Unity and Tiled (SuperTiled2Unity).
Was able to create a little, tiny Map with Tiled. I exported this Map and Imported it to Unity.

Now here’s the problem: Unity imported the Tile, but tells me “Unknown error encountered. Please report as bug. Stack track is in the console output. Object reference not set to an instance of an object,”
Clicking on the console it further tells me : “Imported prefab ‘Assets/Tiled2Unity/Prefabs/NameofmyTale.prefab’ from ‘Assets/Tiled2Unity/Imported/NameofmyTale.tiled2unity.xml’ with 0 warnings and 1 errors.
Error creating material ‘Overworld.mat’. Texture was not found: Assets/Art/RPG/gfx/Overtworld.png”

I tried soooooo many things to fix this … Tried to import the missing .png to the given folder … googled and watched tutorials of importing tileds correctly… and so on. I cant find my mistake! now i hope u guys can help me …

Hi there, @Nils_Haisch. Those are Tiled2Unity errors not SuperTiled2Unity. I stopped supporting the old Tiled2Unity when Unity brought in support for Tilemaps (so we don’t have to generate meshes) and scripted importers (so we no longer need an external export utility).

With SuperTiled2Unity you don’t export your Tiled files, they simply live in your Unity project and are transformed into prefabs for you. You can download SuperTiled2Unity here: https://seanba.itch.io/supertiled2unity

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hey , thanks for the answer. I tried it with supertiled2unity aswell but i cant import it aswell… I’ll give it a new try tomorrow and will tell you my issues or if it worked.