Create gameobjects from Tiles

Hey Gang,

Wondering if it’s possible to create gameobjectw from multiple tiles in a TileSet, not Collection of Images. Having them on a Gameobject layer with the ability to rotate + scale freely is ace - and I need to have it as a TileSet for comparability with Love2d. I can make a gameobject from one tile, but I’m working with large objects in my TileSet and need to be able to grab multiple at once - or find a workaround.

Any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated.



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What kind of game objects are you making? Bosses? Buildings?

Depending on the situation it might be easier to create your multi-tile objects as separate maps, placing something like spawn points on the map they will occur. This keeps things on a grid while creating the objects and allows for setting a rotation (and scale) when positioning them.
You would only see the result in-game, though.

I guess the same answer applies here that I just gave in this thread:

If you can’t use a Collection of Images, then one other way out is to create a separate tileset for each tile size (even if sometimes this tileset may have only a single tile). It’s not optimal, but it should work.