Object type in exported file (tileset is collection of images)

I am new to Tiled and I really like it, but for my purposes it lacks an important feature, unless I’m missing something.

I have the need for Type to be saved in the exported file, without setting it for each object tile I add to a layer.

I’ve created a tileset with Collection of images for my objects and edited the tileset changing each tiles Type to a unique value.

In the exported tmx file it saves an object as (without type):
<object id="58" gid="89" x="137" y="32" width="14" height="16"/>

but I would like (without having to set Type each time I add a tile to a layer):
<object id="58" gid="89" type="MyObject" x="137" y="32" width="14" height="16"/>

This way I can place multiple objects of the same type without manually setting the Type each time.

Maybe I’m missing something. Can this be done?

I found the setting I was missing.

Edit > Preferences… > [General]

[x] Resolve object types and properties

Checking this box solves my problem.

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