Tiled wrongly calculate height of an object

Can anyone explain me what is going on here ?
I place 3 objects exactly underneath each other.
Object A1 (width 900 height 490)
Object A2 (the same)
Object B1 (width 900 height 605)

I parse the file JSON myself and place the objects, but there is a space between A2 and B1.
So I went to check their X and Y positions and see that
Object A1 Y is 1
Object A2 Y is 490
Object B1 Y is 1095 (??!??)

I manually fix B1 Y to 980 but than it greatly overlap Object A2.

What is going on here ??

Which version of Tiled are you using? Is this by any chance the snapshot version and did you change the alignment for tile objects for the tileset you’re using?

Would it be possible to share the files themselves (like as .zip) instead of the screenshots?

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Its version 1.3.4, AFAIK its a standard version.

No problem sending you the level, is there a way to privately send it to you ?
I see there is no PM in this forum…

Ah, so this is actually the way things are in Tiled 1.3, because tile objects have their origin in the bottom-left. So 490 + 605 = 1095 is the Y position of the bottom-most object.

If you’d like the tile objects to have top-left origin, you can install the snapshot version of Tiled (it’s what will become Tiled 1.4) and there you can set the Tileset property “Object Alignment” to “Top Left”. This will change the origin of those tile objects to the top-left.

Alternatively, you can fix your interpretation of the values in the JSON, to take into account that the objects are bottom-left aligned.

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I’ll try the snapshop version, where can I get it ?

When you download Tiled on https://thorbjorn.itch.io/tiled you’ll see a set of files labeled “snapshot”. They are development snapshots, updated about every two weeks, leading up to the next new features release.

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O.K, I’ve downloaded it, updated the configuration and it work.

However there is a new and strange issue in the snapshot version behavior.
I’m opening a new thread for the sake of helping other users to find it.