Rectangular Object and Tile Object Y position is different

Hello every one new here.
I am using version 1.7.2.
And until now i was using rectangular objects to place my enemies positions.
But i start replacing them with tile Objects and I notice that the Y position is no matching.


The second object should be X: 48.00 Y: 24.00.

is that normal? It’s like the pivot point is on the bottom and not at the top left like the rectangular.

Please let me know if am I missing something or if this was meant to be like that.
Best regards.

The pivot point of regular rectangular Objects is the top left, but for Tile Objects, it’s by default the Bottom Left, to match the way tiles are drawn. You can modify the pivot point for Tile Objects by setting the “Object Alignment” property on the tileset(s).

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Got it thank you very much.