Off Topic - Sprite Cutter

Hello everyone!

Been working some on sprites as of late and I’ve reached the fantastic part of cutting stuff out.
Now my issue is that my spritesheet is fairly large and has sprites in varrying sizes.

I’m working in Gimp while making them and use multiple layers to get things somewhat modular to be able to change things around. One enemy often needing little but recouloring and a weapon change this works pretty well. But not cutting… That is an absolute pain, merging, selecting and extracting…

For our team we’ve used predefined sizes on sprites (based of 16x16p tiles) as 32x32, 48x32, 64x32 etc. I don’t know if that matters as my programing skills so far are pretty nonexisting.

Anyway this is my spritesheet:

And as an example I would like to cut sprites something like this:

I’ve tried a few programs but they either have fixed cutting patterns like “only 32x32p” or they go on some kind of grouping of pixels which makes it a little easier, but still falls short most of the time.

What I want would be something like this:

A program where you can define and use a grid to base your cutting from. Also, I’ve added the feature-mockup to add seperate extraction-naming and having offsets (as the usuall export name is just 1,2,3…)
This could be great for tilesets as well if you need to break them down. Being able to select sides, corners and other special parts all in one sweep.

Sorry if this was in the wrong section.

Thanks for reading!

Oh yeah!
If anyone has something like this or can recommend a similar program please do

I use imagemagick CLI to slice up images aligned in a grid to single images :

TexturePacker also has a cutting tool now.

Alternatively you could create a layer for each frame by selecting it - using a fixed size rectangle select and a grid of the same size - then Float (Ctrl+Shift+L) To New Layer (Ctrl+Shift+N). When you have created all the layers you can Export Layers… through the File menu.

For more control you give scripting a try.

Then there’s the other option of simply using sheets in your game directly.