Re-size sprites based on tilesize


Thank you the creator for an awesome tool, just getting into it but it seems great so far!

I have ran into an issue with my imported sprites, they are now at size 70x70 but I want to scale them down to say 32x32. This is since they appear huge on my screen and I can’t fit as many tiles as I want on the height.

Is there a way to re-size the imported sprites? Or do I have to manually change all individual sprites myself, create a spritesheet, and then add them into Tiled again?

Another possibility would be to scale down the map coordinates, is this possible as another solution?

If you place your sprites as Tile Objects instead of regular tiles, you can scale them. However, both in Tiled and in-engine this will look worse than scaling them in an image editor and making the appropriate manual tweaks (scaling 70x70 to 32x32 will probably look bad without manual tweaks). For the best-looking results, recreating the sprites at 32x32 would be better.

Also, just in case: you can use 70x70 “tiles” on a map with smaller tiles, they’ll just look bigger. If your larger sprites are designed at an appropriate scale for your tiles, you shouldn’t need to resize them, you can use these larger sprites directly.

What do you mean by “scale down the map coordinates”?

Thanks for the answer. For now I went with manually scaling them in an image editor since I only have a handful.

Would just zooming out a bit help as well? Try Ctrl+Scroll Wheel, Ctrl +/- or change the scale of the view using the widget in the status bar.

In Tiled, of course. But in my program I can’t use too many pixels on height and width since it wouldn’t fit the screen. Therefore I need to scale images down to fit more tiles in the same amount of window space.