One faded tile with dotted line around it

When using either automapping or direct placement of one certain tile within my tileset, it always is faded with a dotted line around it.

It is the only tile that this happens with, all the rest are fine.
It kind of looks like it is a marque-selected item but I’m just using the brush.

The tile even looks like this prior to placement just as I’m moving the mouse around the map with it selected from the tileset.

In the tileset itself, it looks perfectly normal like all the others.

In this small screenshot, the three navy tiles are normal but the one in the top right is showing this strange behaviour - it should be the same color.

Any ideas on what I am doing wrong here?

The tile in the top right looks like either it’s a Tile Object rather than a regular tile in a tile layer, or has an object (specifically a Tile Object) on top of it.

If you’re not placing it yourself, maybe your Automapping is doing it?

If it’s not that, I’m afraid you’ll have to share your map file, as diguring things out from screenshots is often difficult or impossible.

I do not have any object layers or objects.
I’m just starting with tiled to see if it fits my needs, so not done any object stuff.

However, after loading the sprite sheets tsx file into VSCode I saw that the tile I’ve been having problems with had two lines with an object id.

Not sure how this happened - but after removing this from the tsx file all is fine now.

<tile id="33">
  <objectgroup draworder="index" id="3">
   <object id="2" x="0" y="0" width="32" height="32"/>
   <object id="7" x="0" y="0" width="32" height="32"/>

Thanks once again for your input - it is much appreciated

These are collision objects on the tile in your tileset, presumably added via the Tile Collision Editor. You can toggle whether these collisions are previewed in the map via View > Show Tile Collision Shapes.

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