Parallax origin and Parallax camera

The parallax scroll support is very good and a great update. I immediately added scroll coefficients to my engine that work with the same coefficients as tiled.
There is nothing wrong with scrolling, but it is slightly inconvenient. Is it possible to define an area on the tiled that looks like a game camera and have parallax only work when the camera is moved?

There may be operations I am unaware of, but at this point it is very difficult to design them with the actual game screen display in mind.

A camera area and something like camera scrolling would definitely be useful, as it would function separately from the scrolling on the editor, allowing tiles and objects to be placed with exactly the same feel as on the game screen.

It’s planned to add a viewport eventually (Implement in-game viewport preview · Issue #2962 · mapeditor/tiled · GitHub), but for now, there isn’t.

One thing you can do is add a layer with parallax factors set to 0 and put a representation of your viewport on that. You can set the offset on this layer to control the parallax origin.