Performance using Tiled

I am a 2D Unity developer currently using the unity editor tilemaps for mapping, but looking at the tiled/super tiled2unity replacement. I was just wondering if there was any performance related information out there on “tiled/super tiled2unity” combination comparing performance to unity tilemaps? Are there any performance gains from using maps imported from tiled to unity against the default unity tilemaps either in-editor and/or during game run-time?

@Seanba would be the best to answer this question, but since SuperTiled2Unity creates native Unity tile map assets I don’t think there is any difference in rendering performance.

SuperTiled2Unity uses Unity tilemaps so I would imagine performance being about the same. Some people run into performance issues with importing large maps (thousands of tiles along width and height) but I think Unity would buckle anyhow with assets that big.

At its heart ST2U is a convenience library for people that find it much easier to make maps in Tiled then with the stock Unity tools. Personally, I find the Unity Editor a bit clumsy to work with but YMMV.