Problem with the graphics

Hi everyone, I have a question about supertiled2unity. During the process of importing the map to unity everything goes well, what happens is that when I have it imported into unity the pixels are blurred and it looks strange. This is exactly what happens:

This is how it looks on Tiled.

But this is how it looks on unity:

And also I have this “error”:

How could I fix that? Thanks in advance.

It looks like your texture settings are fine (no compression, no texture filtering), but you may need to reimport the texture for those to take effect. If that doesn’t help, check the settings on the map prefab made by ST2U just in case. Beyond that, I can’t help, maybe others can, and you might have better luck in the Unity community.

As for the second issue, sounds like you should consider a Tiled upgrade xP What version of Tiled are you using?

Lastly, your tileset image seems to just be your map image? If your maps are all like this and this isn’t just a test, you probably don’t actually need to use ST2U, you could import the maps as background images directly, and build the collisions, etc using Unity. Rendering a single image without breaking it up into little tiles first would probably be more performant.

I have tried to reimport as you said but it remains the same.

As for the version, this is the one I use:

Oh wow, that is an ancient version of Tiled, you should really upgrade. Tiled is on version 1.7.2 now! Yours isn’t even 1.0, and is 7 years out of date.

Thanks!! I have downloaded the new version and now everything works correctly. Now the graphics look perfect.
Only I have this warning:

Looks like your map is using some extra images that aren’t in the Unity import folder. Make sure you put all the images you’re using in there.

ST2U intends for you to have your whole Tiled project in that import directory, you shouldn’t be copying files into it every time. The idea is that all your Tiled stuff (TMX, TSX, tileset images) is in there, and whenever you make changes, ST2U automatically detects them. If you have your Tiled files elsewhere and then copy them into your Unity project every time, then file references are likely to end up broken.

I don’t really know what I have to do, what I have done is put all the sprites that I have used for the map in the supertiled2unity folder.