Php and mysql tools for tiled maps

Hi all,

I started to develop small toools to acces, display ( in php ) and store ( in mysql ) tiled maps, tilesets and tiles.

V 0.1, very basic tools designed to be fast and easy to understand and try and hack, with minimal support, and work in progress, but working for me !

its on github :

feedback and code welcome !

Hey @neofutur, welcome to the Tiled forums!

That’s an interesting project. Why did you want the map data to be stored in an SQL database? Does this make it faster or more convenient to access?

For displaying a map in the browser, the more common solution these days is to use a canvas element and rendering tiles to it, based on JSON tile data sent to or downloaded by the browser.

good question. mostly because I will have a bunch of data related to each tile. Its just a project and for now I m just exploring the tools, but if one day this becomes a game, there will be a bunch of related data ( and mysql tables ) for each tile ( people, buildings, adventures, shops … )

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i send you a pull request to clean up the code a bit

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