Tiled as a web-based app?

Hello Bjorn. Have you ever considered making Tiled completely web-based?

Sure, I’ve considered it and the suggestion has come up several times over the years. However, my experience lies not with websites and every time I need to do any website-related work I struggle and cringe until it is halfway what I wanted it to be.

So to save my sanity, developing a web-based version of Tiled is something I’ll leave for somebody else. I’ve seen quite a few attempts, but so far nothing has come close in features or performance. Eventually of course, somebody will manage to write something decent. I think it will mostly depend on the availability of a decent web-based application framework.

React + Typescript could be a sufficient framework. Web apps such as piskel are pretty successful.

@tertelgames Why not give it a try? :slight_smile:

Piskel does look like a nice simple sprite editor and I’m sure it could serve as a good example of how a web-based tile map editor could be implemented.

How about using Emscripten?

@Modanung It’s possible based on Qt for WebAssembly, but so far I only know @Ablu has tried it and he was running into some show-stoppers (unable to create a new map, for example). Qt wants to fully support this platform in the upcoming Qt 5.13, but if we want Tiled to run without problems we better start trying early. Do you want to help with this?

Not sure what you’re asking here, but I’d be happy to test-run things.

I was wondering if you would be interested in helping to get Tiled distributed for WebAssembly. Right now there is nothing to test-run. Maybe I’ll give it a try sometime soon.

I feel quite encumbered as it is.

I know the feeling all too well. There’s a lot to do and we need to make choices to keep us from failing at everything. I was just clarifying my earlier question, which was a response to your suggestion.

I’m skeptical Tiled as-is will be nice to use in a browser even if Qt for WebAssembly can make it work, but I’m also curious about it. I think it could work better based on Qt Quick instead of Qt Widgets, but that’s at least another year worth of effort. :slight_smile: