Problem with the collisions

Hi again, i have a question about tiled collisions. I have made a map in tiled and I have imported it to unity with SuperTiled2Unity but I don’t know why the collisions that I put do not work.
This is a capture of the map that i created:

when I import it to unity the collisions don’t work and I don’t understand why

As you can see in the image, the character goes through the objects despite puting a rigidbody2d and a box colider2d.
An i have another capture of the script:

Please help…

Did you put colliders on your Collision objects?

ST2U will only generate colliders for you from collision data attached directly to the tiles using Tiled’s Collision Editor, it will not automatically generate collision based on Objects. In addition, even if ST2U generates collision for you, you will still need to set your collider groups (collision layers? I don’t remember Unity’s terminology for this) to make sure your character collides with those collision shapes.