Tiled2Unity and Bigger Maps

Ive been working with Tiled for a few days now and recently got Unity to do something with these maps. Upon using Tiled2Unity to place the maps within the engine, the maps were a complete blur ov pixels. I watched videos, looked up stuff on google AND could not find an answer. I then tried using a simple map with an area ov 10x10. When I loaded it with T2U, there was no problem with it. Just the bigger maps. Is there a way I can fix this?

Hi Felix, are you using the same textures on the bigger vs smaller maps? That blurring sounds like a problem with the texture importer and Unity can’t handle textures larger than a certain size (depending on platform).

In any case, make sure your filter mode is Point (no filter) and that your Max Size is not smaller than the texture itself. If you still have problems you can email me your exported *.tiled2unity.xml file and I can take a look (find my email on my webpage for Tiled2Unity).

Hope that helps,

Thank for the feedback Sean. I didnt use the same tilesets actually. I went back and used the original tileset I used for the bigger map on the small map and got the same distorted results. The tileset itself is comprised ov several other tilesets so Im gonna try taking bits ov it to make children tilesets to see if thats the problem. If thats not the case, I suppose Ill just have to find different tilesets.