Qiso plugin for Corona SDK


Qiso has been out for a while now actually, but I’ve just noticed that the Tiled documentation references older frameworks like Dusk and there’s currently no mention of Qiso either in the docs or on these forums, so figured I’d give a heads up in case anybody here is looking for an SDK to use Tiled with.

In a nutshell, Qiso is a plugin for Corona SDK that adds isometric support. The plugin takes care of loading in Tiled exports and rendering maps, with camera zoom and pan support. It also handles character placement and movement, with built-in A* path-finding algorithms, and individual tiles/characters can be manipulated in real-time so maps aren’t locked to their initial design.

For anybody not already familiar with Corona SDK - it’s a free Lua based kit for cross platform game development, and is now open source.

Any questions, please do fire away.


Thanks for bringing Qiso to our attention! Note that anybody can open a pull request against the documentation to help keep that list up to date. :slight_smile:

Thanks Bjorn, I hadn’t realised the documentation was open for edits. I’ll take a look and potentially edit the Corona section at some point then. Hopefully useful to somebody =).

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