Question regarding the .tmx file


i am a new user who have only been using Tiled for a couple of days, but i thing i noticed is that the .xml file that i am generating doesnt include . however i noticed that the terrain types are inside the .tsx file. is it suppose to that? becasue i have noticed in the desert.tmx example that i have previously seen before, the two files are combined in to one .xml file.


If you mean that instead of embedding .tsx file into .tmx it just creates a reference, then yes, it is supposed to do that when you use .tsx files. You can force Tiled to embed tileset inside .tmx file with clicking “Embed Tileset” button:
Embed tileset button location
But that would create separate instance of tileset and will not update if you will make changes to original .tsx file.

thank you. thats exactly what i am looking for