Random tiles when brush is bigger than 1x1

When I want to place random textures with a brush that is larger than 1x1, the random tile is used for all of the brush. Can you have an option box that allows me to have random tiles over the area of the brush.


Yeah, it can of course be rather annoying that the random mode reduces the brush to only 1x1. There’s two alternatives to this:

  • If you want to paint a larger area with random tiles, use the Rectangular Selection tool first to build up a selection (you can use Shift and Ctrl to add to or subtract from the selection). Then, use the Bucket Fill tool while holding Shift to fill the selected area with randomly chosen tiles.

  • If you have several larger multi-tile patches between which you want to choose randomly while placing, you can use the Tile Stamps view and set up tile stamps with multiple variations.

But still, I agree there should be a way to paint a larger area randomly eventually.