Trying to change a 16x16 tilesheet to 32x32

i have two tilesheets but they are different sizes. i just want to resize the 16x16 tilesheet to 32. I figured i should just have to resize the image but when i imported it into tiled they didn’t get any bigger…
i tried importing it as a 16x16 but that didn’t work either because my map is 32x32.
i don’t want to change my map size to 16x16 i want to keep it at 32x32.
maybe i should use a different way to resize my image so it becomes bigger?
or maybe i’m importing it wrong and i can change the scaling of the image when i import it?

You would need to resize the image to 2x its original size and also change the tileset’s tile size to the new size (from 16x16 to 32x32).

Another option is to set your tileset’s Tile Render Size to “Map Grid Size”, so they’ll be scaled to fit your map’s grid size. If you set this on your 16x16 tileset and use it on a 32x32 map, the tiles will be scaled up to 32x32. Not all game engines support this feature, however.

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i tried resizing it using Photos but it didn’t change anything when i went into Tiled.

nevermind i fixed it xD i had two directories and i wasn’t saving it in the right place when i resized lol. my bad. thanks for the help.

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