Handling reordered tilesets?

As I’ve needed new tiles, I’ve appended them to the end of my tilesets, but I often would like to rearrange the tileset order without having to rebuild my tiled map.

Currently, if I insert a new tile, any tiles after it in the tileset need to be updated.

Is there a workflow, feature, or external tool that can make this process easier?

I’m afraid there is no workflow for this supported by Tiled yet, and I’m unaware of any tools to help with this particular problem.

The way I envision Tiled itself could help with this would be to have a tool that you can feed both the old and the new (rearranged) tileset image and the list of maps that should be adjusted. The tool would then find same looking tiles in the tilesets and use this to update the tile references of the maps.

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I couldn’t find what I was looking for and didn’t want to make a double post, so I’m digging up this old one instead.

I’m currently lacking the need to do exactly what is described above. As I, too, often add new tiles in existing tilesets and would like to rearrange them without messing up any of the maps.
Again, I couldn’t find anything else on the subject. Has something been done that I missed somewhere?

Not that I know of, sorry. I know it’s been 4 years but many other things have taken priority.