Representing elevation

Can elevation be represented with Tiled? If not, is there any plan to support that in the future?

I think about something like this:

But any other way of representing elevation would be great imho

I’d love to support it, but it isn’t supported at the moment and it would be quite a bit of work to add it.

You can however fake this effect by using multiple tile layers and the “offset y” property to create the difference in height. This was a feature added in Tiled 0.14 (check out the “Layer Offsets” section and the video linked below the screenshot).

This sounds interesting!
Now the issue will be to find appropriate tiles. I am using the ones used in the screencast but I will need to find more (we have ~30 biomes in WorldEngine, perhaps we can divided them in a few families but for sure we would need desert, iceland, etc.)

It seems to work but some cells are difficult to reach. If I could find a very rich tileset I think we could get something very beatiful here

That looks great already!

Unfortunately, the only game I know with a rich tileset in this style is OpenTTD, but I have no idea whether its tiles are available somewhere in a form that Tiled could use.