Resize tileset, how?

I would like to ask something about my tileset.
I want to change the distribution of the tiles in my tileset to make it wider and less tall.
I mean, more columns and fewer rows.

Suppose that my tileset is 8 x 32.
It is 8 tiles wide by 32 high.
I want to resize it to make it 16 x 24.

I think it’s not possible, I do not see that option here:

One last question please.
This could serve to solve the previous question if there is no direct solution.
I have two tilesets that are the same but of different sizes.
I have several layers with tilemaps that use only the first tileset.
I want to make the tilemaps use the second tileset and not the first one.
So I can delete the first tileset and use only the one that has the size I want.

So, how do I proceed for the tilemaps to use only the second tileset ?.
This way I could eliminate the first because its size does not work for me.

Hello, I see that there is no response to this.
Should I think that it is not possible to do what I described before?

Right, Tiled currently has no actions that modify the tileset image. You’ll need to use an image editor for this.

While rearranging your tiles, make sure their index does not change if you have already made a bunch of maps. You can do this by putting each even row of 8 tiles next to the odd row above. And when Tiled asks whether it should adjust the tile indices when it detects the column count changed, answer No (since they are the same).

It sounds like you’d like to have a “replace tileset” action, but this is currently not available unfortunately. It would definitely make sense to add such a feature.

I’ve just had a busy week and did not get around to respond to your message yet.

Ok I think this should solve my problem.
Thanks for your time.