Reusing embedded tilesets between tilemaps

Hey everyone!

I’ve got a game I’m building user Phaser 3 that will have different areas (think metroidvania-like) and I’m planning on building out those different areas as individual tilemaps.

The tileset that they will all share will have certain properties assigned to different tiles, like whether or not they should be collideable.

The problem I’m running into is that Phaser 3 requires tilesets to be embedded into the tilemap. And you can’t seem to re-use embedded tilesets across tilemaps.

Does anyone have some advice for the best way to share a tileset across tilemaps in Phaser 3?

I think the best approach would be to use external tilesets (which is the only way to reuse them) and then to export the map for use in Phaser 3, making use of the option to embed tilesets upon export (Preferences > General > Export Options > Embed tilesets).

Soon I hope to enable automatic re-exporting upon save, which should make this approach more comfortable.

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Great, thank you!

In the meantime I’ve implemented the new “Repeat last export on save” option, which will be in the next development snapshot. :slight_smile:

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