Copying and pasting between maps with embedded tilesets and those with separate files

I’m in the process of redoing one of my maps (used the wrong tileset, so it’s by hand…) and I was wondering if there was a way to copy/paste between maps with embedded tilesets and maps that use separate tsx files? When I copy between maps, it seems to embed the tileset that the copied portion used. If I want to remake a certain map with an unembedded tileset, is the only option to redo the whole thing by hand?

Hope that makes sense, thanks!

EDIT: Actually, so I see that I can click “Export Tileset As” and then that makes “Embed” an option again. Is this the easy way to switch between embedded and separate file tilesets??

That is one way, but if you already have the external tileset and just want to replace the embedded one, there is a “Replace Tileset” action that is more suitable for that. This action was added in Tiled 1.4.

Thank you so much! I hadn’t updated, so I didn’t see that option. This just saved me an enormous amount of tedious clicking :smiley:

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