Reusing the same folder and layer structure for other .tmx maps

Hi! I am currently working on my final degree project and i was asking myself one question, when working with level designers, how do you work on the folder and layer structure as the same time as they work making some levels for a platformer game? ex: i am still defining some bg decoration tiles layers and adding them to the rules files, but this layer structure is in my tmx map file, not for the level designer. I was wondering if there is any way to replicate the folder structure on other tmx files automatically or should i just copy and paste the tiles that were drawn by the level designer on the corresponding layer?
Its just overall pipeline questions, for letting the level designer do its levels, as i do the art stuff.


The layer structure you use should be what’s appropriate and convenient for your game and engine. A consistent structure can be convenient or even necessary in some cases, and needlessly restrictive in others. You should decide with your level designers what would be best for your specific project.

There are currently a couple of ways to make sure new maps have a consistent layer structure:

  1. Use a starter map that has all the layers, properties, etc pre-defined, and create new maps by modifying copies of this map instead of using the New Map dialog.
  2. Use a script to automatically add the relevant layers (and other things) to newly created maps. The tiled.assetCreated signal would be helpful for this.

we discussed about duplicating this “template map” but now that ive added a bunch of new features for decorating the scene, the old maps have become a bit deprecated, i think that the easiest soultion will be copying those new layers into the old maps.