Generating more than one levels with tiled

Hi, this might be a stupid question but I just want to make sure before putting lots of effort in more than 50 levels.
What is the common process of making more than one levels?
Can I just add new layers for each level (and ofcourse make invisible the other ones) then keep creating more levels on different layers? Or should I create new file for each level?

Thanks alot

That depends on whether you ever expect to need more than one layer for a level. If you will never need that, then I think using a layer per level is probably quite a convenient workflow.

Usually people need multiple layers to combine different tile graphics at the same position or to provide the game with collision data. In that case, it is more convenient to use a separate map for each level.

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Ohh, you’re right, object placement would be risky, but still I guess I can make 2 layers per level I guess? and name them for example m1 to m50 and t1 to t50 (m for map and t for top) for example , right?
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You can do that of course. Whether you consider that easier is up to you to decide. :-)

Most commonly you would have one tmx per level. You may only need one layer for a level right now but there’s plenty of reasons why you would want multiple layers (of any type), and in that case having to check and uncheck visibility of multiple layers in a single TMX file will quickly become super-tedious and confusing.

With multiple TMX files you can have each open in a separate tab. Also you should use external tilesets if at least two levels share the same tileset (and any associated tileset data, such as tile properties, tile collisions, terrain info, etc.).