Right click consistency

It seems odd to me that when I right click a blank tile and then start painting over my mistake, nothing happens.

Regardless of if the tile is transparent or not, have “right click to pick” have consistent behaviour. Right clicking picks up that tile, left click paints with that newly picked up tile.

Level editing is so much quicker - make a mistake, move the mouse a few pixels over where the blank area is, right click, and paint. Right click on the tiles to continue painting what you were doing.

This is more or less a convention now (eg. in Aseprite and similar programs) and this solution would also solve Right click on eraser - #3 by SpiderDave

I’ve seen some programs automatically switch between the eraser and brush depending on if a transparent colour was picked or not, and I figure the developer wants consistency with tool behaviour and that’s fine - the right click consistency isn’t interrupted.

If you hold a key (like Ctrl) to temporarily switch to picker, this consistency should still apply.

Woah, actually I can create this behaviour by selecting my transparent tile 0 (which is always transparent in all my tilesets) and flood filling the level with it to begin with.