Select Layer x tile placement

Hi, I would like to know if there’s a way to automatically select the right layer when selecting a tile from the brush window.
What’s the best way to handle tile x layer restriction?

There is no convenient way for handling this case yet. You can subscribe to the following issue to get notified when this ever gets implemented:

My currently idea is that I should make Tiled scriptable, since it would solve many fringe feature requests. In this case, it would then be trivial to write a script that automatically selects the right tileset when the selected layer changes, or the right layer when the selected tiles change. As well as a script that would validate a map to make sure only one tileset per layer is used.

Unfortunately this is quite a large project so it will take a bit to implement. You can help by becoming a patron so that I can afford to spend more time on Tiled. Even just $1/month is very appreciated!