Strange behaviour when selecting a tile from the map

I’m new to TileD, also I searched the forum to know if this feature is enabled and most posts say it’s not a feature yet. So, I might be getting crazy but I could swear sometimes when I select a tile, the Tileset tab changes automatically to show me which tileset it comes from and its position.

The problem is, when I actually NEED to know where a tile is from, it simply doesn’t work. I need to know, is this feature implemented now? What am I missing here?

Hmm, it won’t actually change the currently selected tileset, but it will update the selected tiles in the tileset view to those on your current brush.

I agree a feature to also select the tileset containing the tile would be useful, but it can’t automatically do this since it could become quite annoying if the tileset view switches all the time (or switches when you didn’t want it to, generally). Also for multi-selection there may of course be multiple tilesets involved…