Setting individual tiles with custom "collides" property?

Hi! I’m new here & was wondering why I cannot as you see in the screenshot, select an individual tile & add a custom boolean property called “collides” to it. I have circled the disabled ‘+’ button on the bottom left of the screenshot. I can only do this when selecting the layer called Collision & that does NOT work in Phaser 3. Only selected tiles with a “collides” variable works in Phaser 3. ( I did a test with an RPG demo I found for Phaser 3 on github ).

The tileset you see there is in read-only mode, since you’re in the map editing mode. You need to click the small “Edit Tileset” button below the tileset view to open the tileset in tileset editing mode, which is where you can select tiles to change their properties.

@bjorn I cannot find it. :frowning:

I actually DID find it, thank you! :slight_smile:

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