Setting object's type - what happened with drop-down menu?

I was using Tiled 0.9 where I had some custom object types set on Preferences. Then after creating an object in the objects layer I would right click and enter type from a drop-down menu.

Now I upgraded to 0.12 and right click on the object opens a left tab with the object’s properties. The issue that I’m having is that for “type”, instead of having a drop-down menu I can enter text freely, which makes my work more difficult.

I’d personally prefer a dropdown as well, or maybe something that pops up when you focus that field. But this was not readily available in the Qt Property Browser solution. Hence, for now my solution was to add a completer to the text field, so when you start typing, a completion dropdown will appear with a filtered list of object types. Unfortunately, it does require you to at least get the first character right.