Share TMX to TXT Converter (CSV)

I share the online application I developed to convert from TMX files to TXT (CSV). The program returns a ZIP file by attaching TXT files with the comma-separated values of each layer.

It is free, free of use and serves to accelerate the levels conversion processes.

To access:

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Hmm, I tried it with the desert.tmx example and a layer named “Ground”, but I only got an empty Ground.txt file in the archive.

Did you know that Tiled ships with a CSV export plugin and can save multi-layered maps to multiple CSV files in one go?

You have to export the TMX in CSV and then indicate the name of the layers “same as in Tiled” in the web form, now … what I decided the export was not aware … I can not believe that I have committed In doing a function that already exists … damn !! What an idiot with working time !!! I’m going to check Tiled, by the way, you did the program right? Congratulations, it’s excellent!

You are right! I had Tiled outdated … I want to die! A detail, to store the files in a folder with the same name as the project.

What a shame … I wanted to contribute … :’(

It’s alright, @NicolaStuka! You tried to help and instead I could help you, which is nice as well!

Indeed I’m the main developer of Tiled, but also much of what makes it great was contributed by others because it is free software. You’re welcome for it!