Showcase of maps made in Tiled

Hello, I’d like to share some maps made in Tiled, this tileset was created from scratch with Tiled in mind after I has spent some time learning the application.

There are tiles here for both terrain brushes and static placement. The were initially designed for just one or two layers but expanding a few more layers opened possibilities I hadn’t even imagined with this particular tileset.

This section (above) is an example of a look that was unexpected but turned out great. It’s various “fence” tiles on another layer over stone.

Here (above) you can see the .tmx and the .tsx tilemap. They are 32x32 tiles on a 1024 map. And yes, the water animates :slight_smile:

From an artist perspective, I feel if you spend the time on your tiles beforehand with a vision of what you have in mind, the mapmaking process in Tiled will go that much faster. Small mistakes were easy to see and corrected in the tilemap, and the live update in Tiled certainly helps. These map were created with just the most basic features, the terrain brush and the animated tiles were the only extra setups needed. I’ve yet to work with object rules or parallax but look forwards to trying on future maps.


That’s really great to see, @SuperEdco, thanks for sharing! Also nice art style!

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Hello again, here are some more maps with a new tileset put together in Tiled. The process is really streamlined now and and it has been fun putting in small details, hacking different tiles together, and trying out transparencies for background layers.

You can see above there are 5 layers in use, could be less but it’s easier to organize. Tho it is important to remember to be on the right layer when placing tiles, you need to pay attention :slight_smile:

I did end up adding an additional layer for transparent background tiles seen on some of the other screenshots, layers is definitely an essential feature of Tiled. It also allows many more configurations of in front/behind details that greatly expand the possibilities of a tileset that may not have originally been designed for such things.


Hi, back again with some new maps. Being the third tileset I’ve created in this style I can see marked improvements in both the art and the layout possibilities in Tiled. The second map below has a background layer with 40% opacity, and makes the room look way more detailed than it actually is (tile wise).

One of the super cool things to do is swap in a new palette. On the .tsx, this is as simple as replacing the bitmap at the image source, keeping all other settings such intact. terrain brush, animated tiles, etc.

Here’s a look at the the tileset .tsx.


Looking ace!