Shrink a tile from a tileset?

Hi, is there a way to shrink tiles from a tileset? I have a small issue where my door is built using two 32x32 blocks and I want to know if there is a way to “squish” the door down to make it so the it can be placed using just one 32 x 32 grid space.

As you can see in the image below, the door is two 32 x 32 tiles tall, and I was wondering if there was a way to squish down the door so that it can fit into just one 32x32 like the reference door beside it.

I’ve tried making it so the tileset is loaded as 32 x 64, so the door can be placed as just one tiled instead of two, however that doesn’t change the actual size of the door. I know this question may be a bit dumb, but appreciate any suggestions

You can set your 32x63 tileset’s tile render size to “map grid size” in the Tileset Properties, and the door will be shrunk to fit the 32x32 grid space. You can change the exact behaviour of this shrinking via the Fill Mode property.

However, since your door tileset is scaled up to begin with, in the interest of performance in-game and wider compatibility (the tile render size and fill mode properties are not supported by all Tiled loaders), it would probably be a better idea to resize your tileset image in an image editor, so that all the “pixels” are the same size across tilesets.

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